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iLook is free to use, develop and distribute.

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iLook Connecting Systems

iLook is an Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) plug in that helps you organize your Outlook folders, find information faster and more relavant ,connects you to the organization systems and co-workers, connects you to your friends and information from LinkedIn, Facebook, Skype and more sites...

  • Faster Outlook search, Full Computer Search.
  • Social network connection
  • Voip with Skype directly from your Outlook.
  • Organization systems connection(Active Directory, SharePoint, Ms-Project Server, SAP, MS-Dynamics)
  • iLook Ads, make money from your email  

iLook Free Edition
iLook free edition, this iLook edition is free for download it will help you organize your email and connects to your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networds. iLook Ads will give you a way to make money from your email traffic

  • Super fast search engine, search E-mails ,inside attachments
  • Review a particular persons e-mails history in one click, all attachments, acquaintances and appointments
  • Social network connection, Facebook, LinkedIn and more...
  • Voip with Skype directly from your Outlook.
  • Easy export of complete e-mails folder attachments to files. Create an external archive of all your attached files.
  • iLook Ads, make money from your email
iLook For Business
iLook business enterprise edition, get all the free edition and the standard edition advantages with enterprise organization systems connection like active directory, Ms-Project server, SharePoint, SAP, MS-Dynamics, MS-CRM.
  • Phone Book, active directory connection.
  • SharePoint, insert and update information on SharePoint directly from your Outlook.
  • MS-Project Server, update projects and resources in Ms-Project server from your Outlook, save money on training your employees to use Ms-Project and on Ms-Project licenses.
  • iLook Ads, use your employees to ad your product and services.
  • MS-Dynamics, manage your organization with iLook MS-Dynamics module tabs.
  • MS-CRM, quick responses to customers, reporting and managing your customes
  • SAP, manage your organization with iLook SAP module tabs.
iLook For Developers
Develop an iLook Tab your self. iLook developer SDK is available for download in our developer section of our site and at develop your own tab and sell it around the world to over 3 million iLook users throw iLook market place.
  • Your needs are others needs too.
  • Outlook connection to your custom systems, sites and software.
  • iLook evoleves with your company.
  • make money selling iLook tabs
  • Connect to more than 3 million iLook users around the world.
  • Easy to develop with iLook support & Tab developer SDK.

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